An innovative company which aims at making the best use of what nature offers for the benefit of health, performances and welfare of farm animals and crops.

Who we are?

SEANEQUANON adventure begins with the meeting of passionated talents and experts of animal nutrition.
SEANEQUANON develops and markets innovative solutions intended to solve feed efficiency, health, welfare issues.

This results in a strong desire to innovate and find alternatives to present practices, reconciling scientific progress and naturalness.

Our mission is the constant search for active ingredients created by nature, from sea world in particular, but also from plants.

Our objective? Support our customers in their quest for performances, in proposing alternative safe, natural and efficient solutions.

Our asset: identify natural resources of interest, formulate and develop growth catalysts by using natural resources associated with control biotechnology

Our values


Research, develop, design innovative and affordable solutions for agriculture sector needs are part of everyday work.

Customer-oriented culture

Identify our customers’ and market’s issues and make solutions finding a priority.
SEANEQUANON places customer satisfaction at the heart of the concerns of each collaborator with mutual long-term development as the main goal


Quality and Security standard compliance is an imperative for SEANEQUANON and for the product range. Management and control of raw materials and finished products is a daily imperative which we strictly apply and follow.

Brittany inspiration


Seanequanon creation

Created in 2010, SEANEQUANON made the choice to anchor its ambitious development in Brittany, at the confluence of vegetal and sea worlds with, nearby, the world’s largest seaweeds field.

This ideal location between raw materials availability and agricultural needs is a daily inspiration for SEANEQUANON teams.